Our friends Lee and Chelsea hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year as usual, and we were tasked with supplying a beverage to share. Last year I made a cider toddy from a recipe provided by a co-worker which was well received, and this year we had some caraway liqueur on hand which I have used to make some excellent whiskey cocktails.  I decided to riff on the recipe a bit to make use of the caraway, and the result was a fragrant[1], delicious hit. The recipe is easily scaled to whatever number of people you are planning to serve, so I give it to you here measured simply in parts. For large batches, heat on the stove until just before it simmers (boiling will boil off the alcohol) and then transfer to a crock pot to keep warm.  For making single servings, a microwave works just fine.

  • 4p Apple Cider - Any cider will do, but I prefer it on the less sweet side
  • 1p lemon juice - If you want to garnish each drink with a lemon peel, you're welcome to squeeze a actual lemons.  For large batches, I say just use a store-bought bottle of lemon juice
  • 1p 50/50simple syrup - simmer equal parts water and sugar until clear, then let cool.
  • 2p 100 proof rye - Nothing fancy, but high proof will stand up to the sweetness of the cider. Rittenhouse 100 is great.
  • 1p caraway liqueur - This one is optional, but definitely adds a little something. I used Koval (because they're down the street). If you forego the caraway, you might want to cut the lemon and simple syrup in half.
  • Whole Cloves - Obviously, the quantity will depend on how much you're making. I made a big batch in a crock pot and put about a teaspoon of cloves into a tea bag while it heated.
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters (top each serving) - Angostura is of course the easiest of bitters to find. Feel free to riff here.

– Notes

 1) Seriously fragrant. We tipped some over in the trunk of our hatchback on the way to dinner and the car still smells like boozy apple cider #noreallyofficer