So. We went hiking through the Austrian Alps for four days and three nights, sleeping each night in what are simply known as hütten (“huts”). They’re basically hostels up in the mountains that cater to hikers, climbers, mountaineers, and such, and allow you to go hiking for multiple days carrying little more than your clothing and some snacks for the trail. Jen has already detailed the trip in her blog far better than I could here, so I offer some photos and video. The alps really are like nothing I’ve ever seen. Huge, majestic, imposing, rugged. They seem to go on forever in every direction, including up. The photos and video really don’t do them justice, but it’s the best I can do without dragging you up to the tops of these mountains so you can see them for yourself.

And holy cow, here are some cows! The wind-chimey sound is because every cow had a bell.

A full panorama of the meadow

And here’s video from the peak of a mountain that we set out to walk around, but decided to climb instead. It’s 2,100m high (about 7,000 feet). It’s no fourteener, as the Coloradans say, but it certainly worked up an appetite for dinner.

And here’s dinner