A little late to post it, but here’s the trick-or-treating experience we put together for our first Halloween as homeowners. Sadly, it was 30° with snow and 25mph winds, but the few kids we got seemed to have fun.

See if you can spot:

  • Ben’s creepy eyes peering out of the top floor windows
  • Chris sitting on the roof of the porch fishing for children
  • Scotty as Creepy Uncle Deadly, Skyping with trick-or-treaters from the second floor apartment. He had the warmest seat in the house.
  • Ben as The Horse and The Hand.
  • (Not Pictured) Zac as the beast under the porch.

Special thanks to Jon, Dyer, Steph, Nicole, Carly for the videography, and Jen for the tolerance of shenanigans.