When we bought the house, the largest bedroom was 9’x11’. That’s not very big, and as is common in turn-of-the-century buildings, there was very little closet space. We decided to combine the two back bedrooms into one larger bedroom, and carve out a pantry, linen closet, and walk-in closet from the combined space. Like so:

“We’ll just build the shelves ourselves” we thought. No big thing. I’m sure we can knock them out in the first couple weeks after we move in.


Anyhow, over Thanksgiving weekend, we finally attacked the bedroom clothing heap and put in some shelves. The design was mostly Jen’s brainchild, I did the carpentry, and Jen did the finish work (sanding, painting, and edging). It took us all five days of the long weekend, plus some evenings into the following week.