Why I Don't Like the Term "Bug"

Let's talk about the term "bug". I don't like it, and here's why. As software developers we are in the business of writing long lists of instructions, to be carried out unflinchingly to completion by robot armies. That's a lot of responsibility. Remember, computers do exactly what you tell them to do. No more and no less. It's your responsibility as a software developer to be sufficiently specific in your instruction to get the computer to do what you intend.

This is why I don't like the term "bug". Calling them bugs implies a creeping externality wreaking havoc in our otherwise pristine codebase. The truth is that what we call a bug is actually a failure on the part of the developer to accurately specify behavior. From here out, I'm going to (attempt to) stop referring to them as bugs and refer to them instead as defects. A bug arrives from somewhere else and you have no control over it. A defect is the responsibility of its creator.

Unfortunately, "de-defecting" isn't a word ;)

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