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Debugging Strategies

Tue Jun 09 2020 14:00:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

When you encounter a bug, how often do you have a plan of attack? Do you end up randomly changing pieces of code just to see if that fixes it? If it does, how confident are you that it will stay fixed? Did you break anything else? Are you suuuuure? ;)

Debugging is both an art and a science. Let me show you how to apply both for maximum effectiveness.

“Ben is an engaging educator who knows how to present for an audience of early-career engineers. If that’s you I highly recommend signing up for his future webinars”
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Brendon Fallon

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Web Devinars

Free monthly webinars for bootcamp-educated web developers

Are you a self-taught or bootcamp-educated web developer looking to up your game?

These aren't just more talks on React or GraphQL. Let's work on the second-order skills that you'll need to succeed as a professional. Test-Driven Development, debugging strategies, basic architectural patterns, to name a few.

These FREE webinars introduce skills that are essential for your career, but are often glossed over or omitted entirely from beginning course materials.

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Test-Driven Development

May 7, 2020

Knowing how to test your code is one of those things that separates the pros from the not-yet-pros. In this session, I shared practical tips for why and how you should be writing tests for your code. Once you understand how to do it well, testing can dramatically speed up your workflow and help you write more stable, maintainable software.

“As a complete newbie to TDD this was a great start.” —Katie
“Really appreciated the idea of taking the logic into the business layer to test, mind blown THANKS” —Biz
“Super helpful; thank you very much! Live code alongs are best for my learning process” —Raul
“I feel like this is really helpful terms of how I think about testing, and how I’ll be able to talk about it in interviews.” —Brendan

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